Monday, March 26, 2012

My photos on ROOT Sports and James Neal's Twitter

It started this afternoon. While I was busy selling playoff t-shirts, serious Pens fan and "friend of the blog" @Allie874 (if you don't follow her, you joke, she knows hockey like nobody's business) tweeted this:

Sure enough, Neal was using a version of the photo shown at the top of this post, which I had donated to Wikipedia for use on his page. Pretty cool, especially since it has been a while since any Pens have used my photos, as TK stopped using my pic on his Twitter not long before he stopped using Twitter altogether.

Anyway, it was back to selling t-shirts and then watching the Pens smite the Devils. While tuned into the first period of the ROOT SPORTS Pittsburgh broadcast, Knitting Lady asked "isn't that your photo?". On the screen Dan Potash was talking about wearing a Shamrock Sweater the previous week in New Jersey, and there was a picture I had taken of him during his pregame interview with Kris Letang. It was a photo that I had taken at Dan's request and sent to him after the game, so it wasn't a shock that he had it, but still a pleasant surprise to see it being used in the broadcast.

Who knows where things go from here? I guess I just sit back and wait for the job offer from the Pens to show up in my mailbox. I mean, I'm sure Gregory Shamus, Justin K. Aller and the rest of the pros could always use a helping hand, right? No? Yeah, I guess not. Better get back to selling these t-shirts and preparing for our next game on April 5.

Until then, LET'S GO PENS!!!


  1. I'd love it if the Pens would ask you to do a behind the scenes photo series.

    The Canucks have a series called 'behind the lens' on their site, which I think is brilliant, so a Penguins version would be naturally outstanding!

    here's hoping....

  2. Congrats! Although I notice ROOT cut off your photo credit tag ((((((.
    Go PAYD!
    GO PENS!

    1. Haha, I did kind of make it look that way, didn't I? Actually the copies I supplied to Dan didn't have the tag, so they're blameless. An on-air thank you would have been cool. I can just imagine Dan saying "and thanks to, what's this? Pens Are Your Daddy? Oh, my..." and then he does his patented eye roll.