Monday, May 20, 2013

Bonus Hockey: Pens vs Sens Game 3, May 19, 2013.

The Senators won in double overtime Sunday night to remain competitive in the series, now trailing the Penguins two games to one.
Game four is not until Wednesday.
Then hopefully an elimination game Friday.
We'll see.

Check out the photos from the game after the jump.

One good thing came out of tonight.
We got the final sock pic from this year's team, as Douglas Murray, though clearly not happy with the outcome of the game, was pretty cool about posing for a photo with the sock.


Pretty solid advice:

Had to laugh a little at these people.
Folks, Sidney Crosby doesn't stop to sign 27 jerseys on his way out to
play a Stanley Cup playoff game.
Get real.

Anthem pics:

First period:

It's not just the players who are rocking some serious playoff beards.
Pens head athletic trainer Mike Kadar has joined in.

Orpik replaces his cap after getting rocked along the boards.

There was a long conference with the officials at the end of the first.

Second period:

Geno leaves empty-handed after a failed power  play effort.

Late in the period Tyler Kennedy put the Pens on the board with what appeared for the longest time like it would be the lone score of the game.

Third period:

The Sens, playing shorthanded due to Erik Karlsson's slashing call, pulled the goalie for the extra attacker and tied the game with 28.6 seconds remaining.

Disco wasn't looking for bonus hockey.
Still on the power play, he used the timeout to try to get something set up for the last half minute of regulation.

No good.
We were headed to overtime.

First overtime:

The Pens started overtime still on the power play for 33 seconds.
That afforded them several opportunities to attempt the Neal Play (TM).

I don't know, it was almost like Ottawa was expecting it, especially the third time.
Of course when it works right, it doesn't really matter if they're expecting it or not.

At some point, don't remember when, Duper hit the post.
We thought it was in, game over, let's go home.

Second overtime:

In double OT, standing behind the bench is no longer good enough.
You've got to get up on that bench, Disco.
And he did.

So the Pens had gotten plenty of chances to put this one away, but Craig Anderson was really good, and a little lucky, and eventually Ottawa started getting things set up in the Pens zone.
We could sense bad things starting to happen.

Suddenly Colin Greening was finding the loose puck in front of Vokoun and backhanding it past him for the win.

This pic speaks volumes about the game.
Looks like Anderson can barely keep his eyes open.

Seriously, no clue how the goalies aren't sharing the first star honors.
I guess Greening's little chip-in goal was the reason the game got to 2OT in the first place.
No, wait, that would have been due to the play of Anderson and Vokoun.

So, this is what it feels like to watch the Pens lose in person.
Something we hadn't experienced in 371 days.
Hopefully it will be a while before we see another loss.

For us, it's time to head home for a few days before returning to Pittsburgh for game 5 Friday night.
Thanks for joining us on this weekend's adventures.
Hope you enjoyed them.
We sure did.

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