Monday, March 18, 2013

Geno held the sock.

Geno held the sock.
And I took a picture of it.
Did I mention that Geno held the sock?
Luckily, there are other "socks in progress" because I'm pretty sure this one gets retired after tonight.

Oh yeah, and he signed some stuff.
Check out more photos from the signing after the jump.


Geno got things started by adding his autograph next to Neal's on the "Wanted" photoshop that I made last year.

Then, Knitting Lady presented him with the sock.
And threw some Russian at him.
"Hi Geno, can we please get a photo while you hold my sock?"
"And please sign?"

Pretty cool.
He dug it.
And produced one of the best sock pics in the history of sock pics.
Probably only the Bob Grover pic even comes close.

With that out of the way, Geno signed a jersey for our friend, Brian.

Then he signed Knitting Lady's jersey, nearly completing the collection of signatures.

There he is, down the lower right hand side.

As a bonus, we got Bortuzzo to sign this pic from after his first NHL goal.

What a weekend so far.  
Couple of wins.
Four sock pics.
Some cool autographs.
And still a Caps game left to watch tomorrow night.


  1. Geno. Held. The. Sock.!!!!
    Wooo! I know this one's been a long time coming.
    Have fun tonight. Looking forward to seeing the game photos.
    GO PENS!

  2. I only have 3 signatures: Neal, Cooke, and Fleury. lol

    1. Pretty good group there. Neal and Cooke definitely aren't that easy to come by.