Saturday, February 16, 2013

Where the Buffalo sock pics roam.

We knew it would be tough to match the sock pic from our 2012 Buffalo trip, featuring Fleury, Duper, Knitting Lady, Martin, Sully, Neal and, of course, the sock.
But with the help of Bortuzzo, Jeffrey and Vitale, not to mention a few other guys pictured below, we made a pretty good go of it this year and there is certainly no disappointment in the results.
Might have to make this Buffalo adventure an annual thing.
Check out the rest of the photos after the jump.

Robert Bortuzzo's face says more than words could ever describe, that if there's any thrill bigger than his recent 1st nhl goal, it's being photographed holding Knitting Lady's sock!

Btw, he was less impressed by my revelation that I took the below photo of him after that memorable 1st goal, though he was heard to remark "that thing went viral!", "but only after I retweeted it" added Vitale.  Woooo!

Pens head athletic trainer Chris Stewart was the first lucky sock holder of the day, although this effort turned out more like a "Stewie holding the envelope with his room key" pic.  We'll work on it.

Pascal Dupuis was happy to join in Pens newcomer Zach Boychuk's sock pic.

Goalie Tomas Vokoun enjoyed his moment in the spotlight.

Last year, the day after appearing in an epic sock pic, James Neal signed a contract extension to keep him with the Pens another six years.  We doubt there'll be any news that big coming tomorrow morning, but needless to say we're expecting big things out of these guys against the Sabres.


  1. Oh, excellent photos and follow-up on the traveling sock, and sock-knitter! :-)

  2. Good to see you guys,quite interesting story it is,love this!!!!!!