Monday, April 9, 2012

Game Photos: Pens vs Flyers & Shirts off Our Backs Night, 2012-04-07

Finally, the long awaited post from the final regular season game has arrived. Sorry, a busy schedule yesterday filled with driving home from a lovely weekend of hockey and then packing up a hundred t-shirts to ship out today prevented me from getting this done sooner. Oh well, we've got some time to kill before the playoffs start. Let's spend one last day looking back and smiling at the season we've had before ratcheting up the hate in anticipation of Wednesday night and game 1 against the Flyers. Photos and video after the jump.


You may remember from a while back that @PensKnittngLady knitted a scarf at the request of our favorite mascot, Iceburgh. Turns out it was a little too long so she shortened it up some and presented it to him before the game Saturday.

Looking good, IB.



Cy was back at it, tormenting the Flyers from behind the bench.

Joe Vitale rests in the box after cleaning the ice with Harry Zolnierczyk.

Flower came out of the game after 32 minutes of solid play. Fifty-four seconds later Jagr scored to tie the game at 2-2. Oh well, guess he'll have to wait 'til next season to get his franchise record 227th career victory.

Sid scored to put the Pens back up 3-2.

#Geno50Watch was on big time.

He didn't keep us waiting very long.

The Pens just had to hold a 2-goal lead through the third period to get their first win against the Flyers in CONSOL Energy Center.

When Tony G is this happy, it's bad news for the other team.

After a video with highlights from the regular season, the players came back out to give their jerseys to some lucky fans. The majority of us, who weren't getting jerseys, were at least afforded some amazing photo opportunities.

I don't think I've ever seen TK this happy or carefree before.

I know, I know, he's looking up at the scoreboard.

Doesn't matter anyway, she seems unimpressed.

That's all for now. Wow, what a season. The playoffs are going to be CRAZY! Look for more pics coming up after game 2 against the Flyers. Until then, LET'S GO PENS!!!!!!!!

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