Sunday, February 19, 2012

Game Photos: Pens vs Sabres 2/19/2012

The Penguins came into Buffalo Sunday following an emotional win over the Flyers the day before and fell victim to a bit of a letdown and a really strong effort by the Sabres. Not really the kind of game you want to have driven 7 hours to see, but fortunately we were still riding high from the events of the prior evening.

Check out our photos after the jump.

It was our first trip to Buffalo so we wanted to get to the arena early and have a look around.

It was a nice enough building with plenty of room on the concourses and plenty of tables and chairs for folks looking to have a bite to eat before the game. They also have a really good policy of opening two hours before game time for fans to have access to concessions and get out of the cold, with the seating area opening an hour before game time. It even looked like some concession areas were still open after the game, which seems like a good idea, though we opted to grab a hot dog from the vendor out front on the way to the trolley.

On the downside, the building shows its age when you enter the seating area. The seats looked pretty old and many were in poor condition with exposed sharp, jagged edges that too easily caught on clothing.

Anyway, back to the game. Pens fans were giddy over the news that James Neal had been signed to a long-term deal.


Johnny would get the start. He's had some struggles this season but was coming off a strong outing last weekend against Tampa Bay.

I'm not sure if there was a problem down at the Buffalo end, or if this is something they routinely do to allow all fans a chance to see the home team warm-up, but the Sabres came down to our end after the Pens left the ice and they stayed out for an extra five minutes.

Edit: This is why the Sabres got the extra five.

Hahaha, what? We saw this guy and a couple of people with "Crosby Sucks" signs. I had no idea they were so fascinated with our injured captain up here.



Uh oh. Sabres scored in the first minute, then Derek Roy added another just a few minutes later.

Defense was stunned.

Sabres ice crew has a pretty slick system for clearing the ice. Very efficient.

Pens came back with a little something in the first and at least put some pressure on Miller.

2nd period.

Oh, damn. 3-0 Sabres.

That would mark the end of Johnny's day. Enter the Flower.

A nice setup by Malkin led to a goal from Engelland, cutting the lead to 3-1. Then Neal makes a huge play to spring Geno on the breakaway.

Big save by Miller.

Buffalo came back with some good pressure and Kunitz ends up getting tagged for pushing a broken stick into the play.

As a result, the Sabres were awarded a penalty shot.

Fleury comes up with a huge save to keep the Pens in the game.

The Pens had a chance or two to cut into the lead before the end of the second but Miller would have none of it.

3rd period.

A Robyn Regehr cross check led to some funny business in the Buffalo end, resulting in matching roughing minors for Kunitz and Gerbe.

Kunitz was happy to have the Pens come out of it with the man advantage.

Jordan (or is that Jared?) Staal scored on the ensuing power play to cut the lead to 3-2.

Again it looked like the Pens might have some life.

That didn't last long.

The Sabres would add three goals in the third, including one on the play below. If your goalie and defenseman find themselves in this position, nine times out of ten it will lead to a goal.

The last few minutes couldn't run out fast enough. Looked like Buffalo might add a goal or two to their total but thankfully it ended at 6-2.

Well, that one's behind us. Time to move on. The Pens have the Eastern Conference leading Rangers coming to town Tuesday, and then we'll be back in Pittsburgh next weekend. Look for more photos after the Saturday game against the Lightning.

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