Sunday, July 2, 2017

Mario with the Cup

Getting a chance not just to see Mario raise the Cup but to be able to photograph it was the dream of a lifetime, or at least of the last 8 years or so.  Since 2009, when we were lucky enough to see Mario raise the Cup in Detroit but didn't get any photos thanks to an overzealous security team at the Joe, I have dreamed of getting another opportunity.  Unbelievably, that opportunity came on June 11, 2017, in Nashville.

The story begins with Dr. Dharmesh Vyas, head Team Physician of the Penguins who already has his name scratched on that fabled Cup.  He appeared understandably excited to be in position to pass the Cup to a five time winner.

Now Mario has the Cup and I'm just trying to hold the camera steady while a surge of emotions races through me.  I'm only mildly disappointed that he is facing away from us.  Oh well, I can settle for some nice shots of the back of Mario's head.  Then he starts to lower the Cup for the kiss.

Okay, catching his reflection in the Cup will be pretty cool.

Definitely can't complain about that shot; it's a keeper.  And then, as if he can hear my every thought, Mario starts to turn to face the bench area, where we had relocated to after Hagelin's goal.

What a great smile from the big man.

Not bad, I thought, while going through these pictures later.  Then I noticed the part of the Cup facing us has the 2015-16 Penguins and the empty space that will hold the 2016-17 Penguins.

Whoa, that's pretty cool.  Thanks Mario!


As a bonus the moment was made even more cool by the fact that it was also being captured by a true legend in the world of photography, Dave Sandford.

I'm guessing Dave got some great pics, but I'm pretty happy with the ones we got. :)

Let's Go Pens!

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