Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Game Photos: Pens vs Lightning 2/12/2012

The Tampa Bay Lightning stormed into Consol Energy Center Sunday night to take on the Pittsburgh Penguins, accompanied by plenty of bad memories. After all, the last two times we had seen the Lightning in person they beat the Pens by a combined score of 13-3. Of course things were different this time around, much different. As Tampa would soon learn....

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The Bylsmas, doing some kind of pregame photo op. Saw something on Root Sports about this but I forget what it was all about.

Johnny would be in net.

Geno could probably score from that position.

Flower getting warmed up, "just in case". (Sorry, Johnny. We have faith in you).

The villain. Hedman drew his share of boos.

Random Lightning players....

...including a couple of former Penguins.



Staal took the opening faceoff.

And a penalty.

Pens killed it.

We have a Geno, and you don't.

Something happened that had the Pens bench in a tizzy.

Kunitz blew a breakaway chance.

Hopefully the ref is good at multi-tasking, otherwise Bylsma's words are falling on deaf ears.

Boucher was his usual laid back self.

Until he spotted who he thought was Sidney Crosby on the ice.

Nope, just Paul Martin.

Granato took dinner orders.

Downie scored goals 11 seconds apart.

And Flower started wondering if he'd have to make an appearance, to which Geno replied "I got this".

Stamkos took a penalty to make sure he'd show up on the scoresheet.

Geno cashed in on the ensuing power play.

2nd Period: Johnny was greeted by Zeppelin.

Orpik and Letang tightened up on D to the point of not even letting Tampa change lines.

Kunitz scored an amazing goal to tie the game at 2-2..

I smell an "Unstoppable" photoshop coming in the near future.

Letang's goal put the Pens out in front 3-2.


Refs took a goal away from Letang. Geno wasn't too convinced by their explanation of the call.

"Don't worry. I score soon, make up for it".

Kunitz made some unbelievable saucer pass that Geno tipped in. #HatTrickWatch was on.

3rd period action.

Downie served Tampa's too many men penalty.

Pens applied good pressure on the power play but couldn't put it past Garon.

Geno's skid mark on the ice.

More pressure from the Pens.

Neal put it wide on the empty net try. Probably missed on purpose so Geno would get a chance, which he did but his shot hit the post.

Game over. Strong showing from Beej despite the early goals allowed.

3rd Star of the Game: #14 Chris Kunitz

2nd Star of the Game: #71 Evgeni Malkin

1st Star of the Game, with a 3-point night: #58 Kris Letang

I hope you enjoyed this stylized version of the game photos. If not, or if you also want to see the originals, you can check them out here.

No rest for the weary. More photos to come after the Wednesday night game against Anaheim.

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