Monday, December 5, 2011

Why I shouldn't be the 100th person followed by the Pens on Twitter

It's pretty simple.

(Update: Apparently the Pens Twitter account agreed with me).

Check my reasoning after the jump.


I shouldn't be the 100th person the Pens will follow on Twitter.

Oh, sure, I've got the resume for it.

There are the 103 Pens games I've attended the last 4+ seasons, despite living 250 miles from Pittsburgh in the heart of Caps Country.

There are the more than 36,000 miles I've traveled to be at those games.

There are the 9 different NHL arenas I've seen the Pens play in during that time, including hostile environments like MSG, Verizon Center, Joe Louis Arena and whatever they're calling their arena in Philly these days.

There was the crazy week in June 2009 when I drove from DC to Detroit for game 5, then back to DC, then to Pittsburgh for game 6, then back to DC, then back to Detroit for game 7.

And loved every minute of it.

There is the enormous amount of time I spend each game taking photos and then getting them posted for the enjoyment of fellow Pens fans.

There is the additional time that I spend making humorous photoshops and GIFs that have delighted and amused even the Penguins players themselves.

There is the "Geno on Twitter" GIF.

From GIF

The "Happy Gilmore" GIF when Sid was cleared for contact:

From GIF

And a few other fan favorites:

From GIF

Like I said, the reason the Pens shouldn't make me their 100th follow is simple.

It's because I couldn't have done any of this without the love and support of your true #1 fan, @PensKnittngLady.

You should definitely follow her.

Although, if you insist on picking me, that would be okay.

I won't let you or my fellow Pens fans down.

LET'S GO PENS!!!!!!!!!

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