Saturday, April 23, 2011

Game Photos: Pens vs Lightning Game 5

I'm not sure Badger Bob had a day like today in mind.








Were they ready?  Well, yeah, the Pens came out strong and, for a while, looked like they had the eye of the tiger.


Coach Tomlin was enjoying the early action.


Ah, how differently might things have turned out had Orpik cashed in on this shot instead of it bouncing harmlessly off the post?

The Pens continued to control play and applied good pressure throughout most of the period.


Uh oh.








No one could believe what was happening.




Finally, the Pens got on the board with a third period tally.

And again.  Could this be a late rally?


Roloson was rattled.




The comeback attempt fell a little short.


We got a few more sock photos, including Gwinzi's Stevie:

and Crazy Wig Guy:

And we watched the second period of the Habs-Bruins game with Nisky and Neal in the hotel lobby.



We're hoping this has the same positive effect on these two guys that it had on TK.

I'm looking forward to bringing you some more (and better) photos from the second round.  It's up to the Pens.  They usually bounce back pretty well from games like this so I expect they'll take care of business Monday night in Tampa.  LET'S GO PENS!!!

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  1. Thanks, Mike, for the great images of the game. I'll echo: Let's Go Pens!!