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Game Photos: Pens vs Canes 1/22/2011

The Pittsburgh Penguins took on the Carolina Hurricanes Saturday night at Consol Energy Center. The Pens were trying to prove they could win without a couple of their top guns. Going back to the third period of the Winter Classic, and including the game against the Wild two weekends ago, Knitting Lady and I had seen the Pens fail to score through four straight periods. We just wanted to see the boys in black and gold blue tickle the twine once or twice. Well, we got more than that, and though the Canes made things interesting in the final minutes, the home team came away with the 3-2 win. Check out our photos and video from the game after the jump.

Once again the adventure started at the Cambria Suites, the new hotel adjacent to the arena. This isn't meant to be a commercial for them, but I'm happy to report that they've ironed out some of the problems that we experienced a couple of weeks ago. We still didn't get the upgrade to Suite 71 or 87 (which I found out are both part of the 3-room Presidential Suite), but if you happen to stay here, the King Tower Suite is a damn fine room. The view below is from our room on the 6th floor.

I thought it was pretty cool that the Fleury banner was right below our room, since for much of tonight's game it looked like Flower was cruising toward a shutout. I'm really not sure how much of the blame falls on him for the two late goals by the Canes, but I thought he played pretty well overall.

Nice. I need to get this display on my phone at work.

Some of the Canes were kicking around the soccer ball before the game.

Fleury leads the team out for warm-ups.

In case you don't know by now, Letang is my favorite player and the camera seems to go to him automatically.

Happy-Go-Lucky Goligoski

Suck it, haters of the blue jerseys!

Anthem pics, just for you, Leafer.

Hey, a little love for Lovejoy. I also saw a couple of "Will you marry me, TK?" signs. Interesting to see the fans step up in the absence of 71 and 87.

Oh yeah, we were sitting behind the Pens penalty box.

Lesser Staal.

Greater Staal. Thought he was going to score on this one.

Uh oh. Canes take the early lead. Or did they?


Erik Cole, you would have been a superstar in the days before instant replay!

The Pens responded with a goal of their own. An actual goal.

A relieved Jordan Staal. You know he and Eric probably had some kind of sick bet on this game.

Numbers are fun!

Staal vs Staal.

Funny faces pic #1

For Frodo! Pens lead 2-0!

Dupuis celebrates the third Penguins goal.

Hell yes. This is exactly what the Pens needed. A nice statement game. Up 3-0 with only minutes to play. Nothing can go wrong! I mean, these are the Hurricanes, not the Bruins or Rangers, right?

The team looks confident. Except for TK, who seemed to be napping.

Funny face pic #2.

Ah, hell. There goes the shutout. Damn you, Son of Samsonov! Oh well, no big deal. Let's just buckle down and finish strong these last few minutes.


A little video of Kunitz giving it to Skinner.

What's that up in the air?

Oh shit.

Bylsma tries to settle the troops, which can't be easy when you've just thrown up in your mouth.

Staal vs Staal again. Big faceoff. Win it, boys!

Video of the final seconds ticking down.


Happy goalies celebrating happily.

2nd star of the game, Jordan Staal, waving the Terrible Towel.

Not to be outdone, Flower came out wearing the Steelers helmet and waving the Terrible Towel.

Video of Fleury's postgame interview. I especially love the part when Potash makes him put the helmet back on.

Well, that's it. Until next time at least, which will be Sunday, February 6th vs the Caps.

Go Pens!!!!!!!

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